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Secret Agent Ltd.

Investigations, research, asset investigations, surveillance, cooperation with intelligence services, collaboration with embassies / consulates.


Dept 9016, 196 High Road
Wood Green, London


We operate worldwide and collaborate with international partners and specialists.

We support renowned lawyers in discreetly investigating sensitive matters.

Our clients include private individuals facing unusual and extensive issues, public figures, as well as corporations and governmental institutions.



Upon request.

We work both on an hourly basis—where the rate depends on the level of risk involved in the activity—as well as on a flat fee basis.


Checklist for preparing our engagement:

  • Contact us from a neutral phone/server to rule out possible wiretapping.
  • Inform us immediately about any acute threats – we can arrange personal protection / special protection for you.
  • Inform us in advance of any increased security needs so that we can provide you with armored vehicles if necessary and provide behavioral guidelines.
  • If there are already existing documents (e.g., for pending asset investigations / ongoing legal proceedings / ongoing criminal prosecution / existing investigation protocols), please have them ready in full.


Vogel Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH

Emergency Legal Service



Initial contact is recommended via email / contact form, as we can then arrange for the appropriate expert to call you back.


Please refer to the checklist provided in the Services section to ensure the security of your request.

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